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In this two-day workshop you will learn a pragmatic methodology called BITIL™. Built from years of research and experimentation, BITIL™ provides organisations with the structure, insight and orientation required to fast-track your organisations approach to Digital Transformation.

In this workshop people will learn how to:

- Identify, deconstruct and respond to, the forces reshaping our business landscape

- Explain the components of Digital Transformation and their corresponding outcomes

- Develop a coherent and coordinated strategic roadmap for Digital Transformation

- Prioritise current demands against aspiration and bottom-line imperatives

- Create time and resources to reimagine our future business

- Set and manage expectations around projects that are necessarily ambiguous 

- Determine how emerging technology trends are shifting the competitive battlefront

- Spot many of the traps, tips and tricks associated with navigating this change

Participants are expected to have achieved the following prerequisites prior to this course:

- A working understanding of technology and its impact on business

- The necessary permissions and sign-offs required to participate & experiment with the materials

- A basic understanding of commercial principles