We work with organisations at all levels to elevate best practice, knowledge and behaviours that directly contribute to strategic business objectives and result in healthy digital communities.  We specialise in empowering digital leadership through enhanced digital social and communication practices.

Our education and training services are highly catered to our client's requirements and are designed to be equally effective at all stages of digital and social maturity.  We seek to reinforce a culture of learning and deploy education content through our proprietary systems and frameworks.  These systems are designed to empower agility within the enterprise and are highly scalable allowing us to implement measurable learning outcomes to thousands of users, company wide. Our education and training services range from one-on-one executive and leadership sessions, facilitated progressive education courses through to content-based online portals designed to elevate knowledge and best practice aligned to key objectives and strategies.

Integrating our proprietary BITIL framework, we have education systems and practices that allow for structured analysis and learning initiatives that elevate knowledge and align digital practices to the key objectives of an organisation. 


Educating users on Social Business is critical to the medium to long term success of an organisation’s efforts.  To enable this, the accelerator program deploys a variety of education and training initiatives to embed enterprise social as a capability. 

We seek to reinforce a culture of learning and deploy education content through utilising high efficient interactive online platforms, transforming large blocks of training into small bites of quiz-based micro learning.  

Whilst many organisations resort to singular interventions (such as design thinking workshops or staged hackathons), the Social Business Accelerator Program combines deep expertise in both innovation and social media engagement to embed, then amplify core behaviours into a daily business practice.

Built on years of experience and research the Social Business Accelerator Program sits on the scalable BITIL framework.  The BITIL framework provides organisations the basic building blocks to ensure the use of social in driving innovation and transformation.  As a replicable standard of practice BITIL enables the development of strategies that drive community engagement toward specific business objectives.  

The Social Business Accelerator Program targets five main user groups:

1. Project launch team

2. Senior leaders

3. Communications and team managers

4. Social Champions

5. End users

While usually delivered as part of a broader program of works, sessions can occur in standalone format.

Accelerator Program Activities:

- Launch Blueprint Workshops

- Advanced Workplace Strategy

- Governance for Champions

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By taking out the mystery of social engagement and providing us with straight forward and logical tips, we were able to see immediate results upon implementing their suggestions
— The University of Technology Sydney