At the centre of Digital Infusions methodology is a best practice framework in the management of social media communities called BITIL™.

BITIL™ brings simplicity, structure and focus to digital and enterprise social undertakings that can be used to measure and assess the activity and quality of communities; build strategies and drive community engagement toward specific business objectives. The framework provides organisations a filter to unpick complexity within the digital framework. It provides tangibility to the digital transformation process and a means to analyse and benchmark digital community performance and content effectiveness across enterprise and customer facing social media.

Built from years of experience, experimentation and research the BITIL™ Framework is founded on the five key elements and over two-hundred and seventy sub-indicators common to high performing social media communities. These five areas are:






Whether you are building or running communities BITIL™ provides structured insights into the health of your community and a structure to map and measure the way forward. A key output of BITIL™ is to empower organisations to better plan and allocate resources for digital and social applications to be more agile and scalable from the executive level down to content managers.

Because BITIL™ is built on the components that are common to high functioning communities it provides valuable insight to both customer and employee communities on micro-blogging platforms such as Facebook, Yammer, Twitter, Jam etc.

“BITIL™ was integral in analysing what we did well, and also where we needed to alter or improve our strategy to achieve our business objectives. BITIL™, combined with a clear idea of our expected ROI, gave us valuable insights to engage more effectively. “
— Audi Australia
“As a strategic framework, BITIL™ is not only simple to follow, it is thorough and affective in its approach. In essence, it gives organisations the building blocks to plan and execute on strategy and most importantly to track success“
— Datacom
Working with BITIL has transformed our approach to social engagement by ensuring that each and every post contributes in some way to achieving a business goal.
— The University of Technology, Sydney