Established in 2012 Digital Infusions is a boutique consulting agency specialising in Digital Transformations, Social Business and Innovation for large scale, multi-national enterprises through to SME’s.  Our deep capabilities extend across social business platforms such as Yammer and Workplace.

We believe that much of the knowledge and capability required to meet arising challenges already exist within the collective experience and capability of the organisation. The true power of digital tools resides in the people who use them. Given this, we work closely with our clients to unlock and empower the human side of the tech equation, influencing behaviours and practices that drive measurable commercial outcomes.




As leaders in the fields of innovation and digital transformation, we specialise in the use of emerging technologies to expedite business strategy.  We leverage from a diversity of experience in business, technology and human behaviour to deliver unique insights and measurable results to our clients.  

Our services are highly catered to our client's requirements and are designed to be equally effective at all stages of digital and social maturity.  We can deliver highly specialised strategies, analyses and assessments through to training and education programs for executives, leadership or specific digital and social stakeholders. 

We seek to reinforce a culture of learning and deploy education content through our proprietary systems and frameworks.  These systems are designed to empower agility within the enterprise and are highly scalable allowing us to implement measurable learning outcomes to thousands of users, company wide.

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We work with a diverse range of partners adding scalability and
specialised expertise across our entire spectrum of digital transformation
and enterprise social services 

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